Foolproof Tips on Picking Your Granite Kitchen Countertop


Are you thinking of getting a new kitchen countertop or planning on renovating your current one? One popular material used for countertops is granite, and there are many reasons why. 

It gives a classic and smooth look to kitchen countertops, and its surface is easy to work with in terms of cleaning and maintaining it. It is a great choice for those who use their kitchen often and want something with an elegant design to complement one’s place.

Here, we list down things you should remember when choosing and buying your next granite kitchen countertop that would be perfect for your home.

Be Mindful of Your Kitchen’s Size

Size matters when choosing the granite that would go with your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is quite small, it will be a good choice to go with lighter shades of colours to reflect light, making the room look brighter and more spacious. 

On the other hand, you can opt for darker colours if you have a larger kitchen since there is more room to adjust certain tones and designs. Consider these when choosing your granite to make your kitchen look breathable and lively.

Choose a Design Fit for You

Since granite is a natural material, it comes in various colours and patterns. You will not face a shortage of different designs of slabs. As mentioned, it would help if you choose one that would give a more finished look for your kitchen. 

Look out for the marbling, flecking, and veining and compare designs based on how you imagine them installed in your kitchen. They can also come in either glossy or matte. Brighten up your kitchen and home with something you think will reflect the overall ambience you want.

Complement Designs with the Rest of Your Home

You probably want your home to mirror your personality as it is your living space every day. Before adding a specific look in your kitchen with the granite countertop, observe the rooms in your household. 

See what colours and designs you would want to keep and mimic for your kitchen or what you would wish to deviate from and replace with a different approach. Feel free to experiment with visualisations of potential looks for your kitchen and other rooms in your home.

Observe the Colours in Your Kitchen

Take time to observe the overall décor and colours of your kitchen. Take note of the current colours of other features in your kitchen, like the flooring, cabinets, and appliances. From there, think about what you would like your kitchen to look like aesthetically after installing your granite kitchen countertops. 

For example, if relatively dark colours dominate your kitchen space, you might want to consider getting countertops more in the lighter shade. A good contrast of colours appeals to the eye. Granite comes in different colours and tones, so you can choose among a wide variety of designs you think will fit with the current setup and look best.


Granite is a material that would be perfect for your kitchen countertops. It varies in design and is sturdy enough to last for an extended time. You can also easily clean and maintain it, so you would not worry about using your kitchen countertops as much as you want. Yes, it may be expensive most of the time, but consider the excellent outcome from your possible investment in something like this. The kitchen is an essential area in your home, so go and try to pair it with something that granite can offer.

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