5 Useful Tips for Choosing a Granite Countertop Supplier

High-end luxury kitchen with granite countertops and white cabin

Value for money is high on the priority list of any homeowner. Whether it’s for building or renovations, every homeowner wants to make the most out of their investment. A homeowner like you should keep proper track of the quality of materials being used. After all, you wouldn’t want to be cheated out of quality materials.

Tips for Choosing a Granite Countertop Supplier

The materials for a granite countertop are just as important as everything else in your home. Sometimes, even more so. Handling and installing granite countertops can be a complex process, so homeowners should come prepared what to expect with them.

Here are five tips for choosing your granite countertop supplier:

1. Assess Your Space and Budget

Before you get started, use a tape measure to assess the space in your kitchen where you’ll be installing the countertop. Measure the depth, height, and length of your space to make a list of the materials you’ll need to install your countertop. If you’re planning on building a kitchen, this list will also help you plan and budget for the best materials. This is an essential first step as it will dictate the rest of your plan.

2. Read Reviews

For starters, you should read reviews of the companies you are thinking of working with. They are out there, and you won’t have to look far. The better a company you choose, the better your chances of getting the best granite countertop for your home.

A good company will have plenty of satisfied customers. Make sure to look for images of installations and, if possible, how they look over time.

3. Learn Their Process

The granite countertop selection process can be a bit tricky if you aren’t experienced with granite. It is important that you understand the process through which a slab of granite is selected, cut, and finished. Any reputable company will be willing to share its process with you. If you’re lucky, your new countertop supplier will cut their own slabs. Though most of the time, somebody else does it for them.

4. Ask About Their Selection

You want to know what types of granite are available, how many slabs they have, and how many colours they can produce. You can then narrow down your selection and pick something that will match the theme of your kitchen. Also, be sure to ask if they have a showroom so you can physically inspect the material.

5. Learn About Their Contractors and Designers

Ask about a supplier’s contractors and designers. Do some research about their track records and the quality of their work. It’s important to learn about them because these will be the people working on your granite countertop.


Choosing a suitable granite countertop supplier takes a bit of effort but is definitely a rewarding task. Your home deserves the best value, and to achieve that, quality and price are two things you should keep an eye out for. You want to make an informed decision to ensure that you get the best materials and service you can afford. Remember to stay vigilant, and you’ll be sure to get value out of your granite countertop.

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