The Top 4 Colours Chosen for Granite Kitchen Countertops

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Granite is a popular countertop material choice among kitchen lovers. Homeowners love it because of its rock-hard, heat resistant, scratch and crack-free, and easy to maintain qualities. Not to mention, it enhances the look of one’s kitchen and boosts the value of a home. If you plan to get granite for your kitchen countertop, know that it will be an excellent long-term investment. Plus, you have many design and colour options to choose from.

Granites have around 200 colours and varieties available. They differ in terms of colour and surface design patterns. If choosing among the many colours seem complicated for you, here are some of the top favourites of homeowners and what kind of kitchen fits them best:

1. White Granite

Nothing speaks more modern and clean than a white countertop. A white granite for your kitchen countertop will be a good choice if you are after a modern, neat, and fresh kitchen look. This material is also perfect to pair for kitchens with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. It is also the most flexible option as you can pair it with many other types of cabinets, furniture, and decors. 

Note: If you choose this option, know that white granite also comes in different shades of white. The lighter and purer you aim for, the harder it is to find.

2. Black Granite

If you want a classic and elegant look for your kitchen, the black granite would be perfect for you. It also gives off that classic feel but in an attention-grabbing and sophisticated way. Black is the ideal material colour if you want to highlight some items in the kitchen. It is sleek and simple. Since it is dark material, it is best to use if you have large windows in the kitchen or other great sources of light.

3. Blue Granite

Blue granite is a popular choice for those who want to have a unique and beautiful kitchen. This colour adds an exotic look to your kitchen thanks to the blue waves and minerals evenly distributed on its material. It comes in many variations, such as the blue pearl, sapphire blue, Volga blue, dynamic blue, and more others. It can be paired with many different cabinet colours but would look best in contemporary kitchens or those farmhouses with a light blue touch. 

4. Green Granite

The green countertop usually appears with a grey or brown undertone. It comes with various patterns and swirls, which makes it an exciting piece found in the kitchen. It can also be paired with wood cabinets, bringing that natural and calming vibe. However, make sure that the tone of both the wood and the granite would complement each other. If you want a luxurious and dramatic feel for your kitchen, pair it with dark cabinets, but if you want a brighter room, it would be best with white and light to medium coloured wooden cabinets.


Granite for your countertops would give you not only an elegant looking kitchen but also a durable workspace. If you have a certain vibe you want to materialise in your kitchen, the right countertop colour can help you achieve such a look. These are only the top four favourite granite countertop options, but there is so much more for you to choose from. Determine what theme or style you want to go with and find a supplier that would give you a high-quality material.

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