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A Quick Guide into the Maintenance of Marble Countertops

Are you planning on getting a marble countertop? This stylish, veined stone adds sophistication and elegance to kitchen and bathroom spaces. However, as it is a porous stone, it can be prone to stains and damage. This is why marble requires a specific care routine to retain its lustre.  In this article, we will run…
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4 Design Ideas Perfect for Your Marble Bathroom Project

Choosing marble as the material for your bathroom can give it a natural stone look and an appearance that communicates luxury. This is why a lot of homeowners prefer having a marble bathroom design in their homes. If you’re planning on doing the same for your house, here are some of the top design ideas…
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Granite vs. Marble: Which Is Best for a Kitchen Countertop?

A home is a place of comfort, a solace where you relax and let go without reservations. Although having the key to your house already brings a sense of peace, independence, and fulfilment, a house can’t fully become a home without filling it with the aroma of tasty dishes and hearty laughs. The walls, ceilings,…
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