How to Find the Right Backsplash to Match Your Granite Counter


One significant advantage of designing a home interior is having the freedom to be creative and play around with various styles and designs. However, no matter how fun and exciting it is, finding the right match can sometimes be challenging, especially when one has no clue how to find the perfect match. After all, there are still some rules to follow to ensure that the output would look friendly to the eyes. 

If you plan to have a kitchen renovation or are about to build your new home and you still cannot decide on what kind of backsplash to use for your granite countertops, here are some tips you might find helpful.

Tip #1: Try Opposites: Light Granite to a Detailed Backsplash

A light-coloured granite countertop is a perfect idea to use a dark-coloured backsplash. It would give you a bold yet sophisticated focal point. While using a dark-coloured granite countertop, you may opt for a light-coloured backsplash to create a warm and bright overall kitchen appearance. This contrast gives a nice balance to the kitchen.

Tip #2: Match the Patterns and Details

If you want a patterned backsplash, it would be better to use a granite countertop with the same type of pattern. The same goes with using granite that has a texture.

It is vital to have a pattern or detail that is uniform and consistent. Otherwise, a combination of patterns and details can make your kitchen look busy and visually confusing.

Tip #3: Glass Tiles Will Never Let You Down

Glass tiles are such a good idea for backsplash, not just for granite but also for other types of kitchen tiles. It is a style that adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen. Furthermore, if you are into a clean and simple look, glass tiles are the best solution.

Luckily, the variations of glass tiles are endless. You can pick the one that best represents the look you are trying to achieve in your kitchen. Adding lighting inside the glass tiles to illuminate the whole room would create a dramatic atmosphere.

Tip #4: Ceramic Tiles Will Also Not Disappoint

Ceramic tiles are perfect for those who want to achieve an old-fashioned yet elegant look. You can have the backsplash tile with the same colour or tone as your countertop tiles. The pop of colour or pattern on the countertop can be repeated on the tiles to balance the kitchen’s overall look.

The ceramic tiles can also be used instead of glass tiles to achieve the same effect with a more rustic and casual vibe.

Tip #5: Make the Kitchen Look Elegant With a Marble Backsplash

Using marble as the backsplash in the kitchen, you can create a touch of elegance and never look tacky or cheap. Marble has a natural beauty of its own, and it comes in so many colours that no matter what your taste is, there is a marble that will fit your kitchen design. The size of the tiles and the colour can depend on what you want to achieve. 


Granite is a durable material that can fit just about any design, so granite countertops are an excellent choice for your kitchen in the long run. If you want to do something different and add some character and style to your kitchen, the backsplash is a perfect place to start. If you do not know how to find the right kind to use, follow the tips enumerated above.

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