Why You Should Invest in Natural Stone Countertops

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According to a study, many people undertook DIY projects at the height of the pandemic. This statistic is not surprising because we had so much time in our hands. For most of the past year, remaining indoors finally gave us the time to renovate our home without breaking the bank.

If you want to update your kitchen, now is the best time. But before you start working, you need to gather all the necessary tools, equipment, and materials. Considering that you are doing the work yourself, you can indulge in more expensive supplies, such as top-of-the-line granite countertops.

You might be asking why you should invest in granite countertops. Would it make more sense to purchase a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance? If you wonder which supply you should splurge on and which one you can economise, pay close attention to this article.


According to Bob Vila, the life expectancy of major household appliances is up to fifteen years. But natural stone can last longer than that. It may even last longer than your house!

Bear in mind that granite and other natural stones came from the bowels of Mother Earth. Most of them have been around longer than any of us. They would, naturally, outlast us.

This characteristic ensures that you do not have to replace your granite countertops after several years because they look worn down. All you need to do is properly clean it, and it will look as new as the day you installed it.


Natural stone can match any layout—whether modern design or a traditional arrangement. It comes from Mother Nature to fit perfectly in any space.

Let us say that your kitchen has a rustic layout. It is mainly made of wood. You do not have to worry about your natural stone countertop clashing with your overall kitchen design. You can easily choose one with the colour and pattern to fit your kitchen.


We mentioned earlier that natural stones last for a very long time. You only need to clean them to keep them in top shape regularly. But on their own, they are durable.

Most natural stones are heat, scratch, and stain-resistant. These characteristics come in handy in the kitchen because your granite countertops often contact hot pans. With that said, investing in one will ensure that it will not immediately break if you accidentally put a hot pot on top of it.

Low Maintenance

Natural stone countertops require minimal or no maintenance at all. They are also highly resistant to bacteria. As long as you practice good hygiene all the time, you are not in any danger of food contamination.

You need to wash the countertops with warm water and mild soap when you clean them. This practice is the only maintenance that your countertops require.


Undertaking DIY renovations is an excellent way to fill our time. It is considerably cheaper than hiring a contractor because we do the work ourselves. The savings that you get can be diverted to pricey materials, so why not purchase a natural stone countertop?

Yes, it might be more expensive, but investing in one is worth it. Other than the benefits mentioned earlier, installing one can even increase your home’s value. Doesn’t that sound sweet!

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