Different Granite Edges and Their Edge Over Others

granite edge

There is something about granite countertops that makes them so timeless, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. This material has become such a standard for premium builds, but few people actually think about the edge profile.

Your edge profile literally means the edges of your granite blocks and how it’s shaped. The style you pick will have a lot of impact on how the entire thing looks and what you can best use it for. Here, we discuss various types of granite edges for countertops along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1 – Straight Edge

The straight edge is the most common type of granite edge. It’s easy to work with and will be fine for most chores. It’s a good all-purpose kind of edge, so you can often see it used in granite worktops.


One of its biggest advantages is how its simplistic design makes it perfect for different uses. It also doesn’t feel dated, making it perfect for minimalist and contemporary design. More importantly, it’s very simple to clean.


The problem with a straight edge is that it can be dangerous if you have pets or kids that tend to run around a lot and can hurt themselves on the pointed edges. Sanding this down would change the edge altogether.

2 – Ogee Edge

Ogee earned its name from the s-shape, which is more rounded and curved. This makes it a popular fixture for luxury spaces like hotels, resorts, high-end homes, and casinos.


It is a very unique and eye-catching form to pick and perfectly suits spaces that convey premium and chic ambiences. Despite its distinctive style, it doesn’t look tacky, either. The rounded edges also make them great for highlight pieces and islands.


The problem with this is that it isn’t the easiest to clean, simply because of its shape. Plus, it tends to be pricier than other designs. It can also feel out of place if you’re going for a minimal, modern-style kitchen.

3 – Bevelled Edge

This is another popular option for the added texture it gives to granite countertops. It’s a common choice for natural stone and doesn’t feel as basic as rounded edges.


The way this edge is angled makes it a dream to clean, especially if you are dealing with spills. On top of that, its unique look is still flexible enough to fit into different interior styles, whether you want something more classic or modern.


A lot of people feel strongly about whether or not they like this edge, mostly because its slant ends up with the risk of being just as painful and not child-safe as a straight edge without being obvious about it.

4 – Full Bullnose

This features a standard curve that goes all the way around. It is pretty common to see this in bathrooms and kitchens, and it’s especially helpful if you have a lot of kids around.


The slope makes it a very safe choice in terms of hitting yourself against it. The style is also good for modern and retro aesthetics, plus it is good for smaller spaces.


It looks like it would be easier to clean, but it is actually troublesome when it comes to debris, crumbs, and spills.


It is easy to overlook, but the type of edge you choose for your countertops can make all the difference. Being aware of the different types of granite edges and their advantages and disadvantages can mean better projects and experiences for you in the end.

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