How to Find the Best Edge Profile for Your Quartz Worktop

Quartz Worktop

Quartz is an excellent choice for your worktop. And while most people may be focusing on choosing the right design or colour, you must not forget to consider the edge profile as well. But since there are a lot of edge profiles to choose from, it can be quite a tricky decision to make. But hopefully, with this guide, you can compare and consider each edge profile and make the best choice for your quartz worktop.

Straight Edge

The straight edge is mainly chosen by those who want a modern and minimalist look. The straight edge is the most common edge profile. It is excellent for all types of shapes and sizes.

Quarter-Round Edge

This is one of the most popular edge profiles because it is not only elegant and timeless, it is also quite affordable. The quarter-round edge works well in modern or traditional kitchens.

Bullnose Edge

This is a great choice if you want to create a centre island in your kitchen. Its rounded edge gives the kitchen a touch of class.

Double Bullnose Edge

Double bullnose edge can be used for a dramatic effect. It can be used for angular or contemporary kitchen spaces.

Ogee Edge

This edge profile is great for traditional kitchens. It can be used to accentuate the architectural elements of your home.

Half Bevel

This is a great edge profile for those who want to add elegance to their kitchen. This one is best for all types of kitchens and can be used for different shapes and sizes.

Double Bevel

This is best suited for those who want to create a traditional kitchen. It can be used for a lot of different architectural styles, for example, Tuscan, Neoclassical, Asian, and a lot more.

Satin Beveled Edge

Best for big workspaces. It provides a lot of comfort and makes the worktop look a bit more formal.

Eased Edge

This is a great choice for a kitchen with a simple and clean design. It looks great when used with standard size worktops.

Dupont Edge

This is great for those who want to add a little bit of vintage to their kitchen. It is great for large kitchen islands, as well as for upper cabinets.

Chiselled Edge

This edge is perfect for those who want a very bold edge profile. It can be used for a rugged, industrial or rustic look.

Tribute Edge

This edge is great for those who want to make their kitchen look even more stylish. It is great for a minimalist kitchen or for a kitchen with a lot of white accents.

Waterfall Edge

This is a unique edge profile that gives your kitchen a dramatic look. It is best for both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Hand-Cut Edge

This is a great choice for those who want their worktops to be unique. It is good for those who want their kitchen to have a rustic feel. It is also best for large islands or upper cabinets.

Final Thoughts

The best choice always depends on your project and personal preferences. The key is to find an edge profile that will be in sync with your kitchen design and will suit it.

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