Top Bathroom Trends You Should Not Miss Out on 2022


If you’re planning on renovating or building your house in 2022, you’re in luck! Today, we will tell you about the top bathroom trends that will soar in the upcoming year so that you can incorporate on-trend designs into your bathroom.

As you know, the bathroom is one of the integral parts of a house. It is undoubtedly one of the rooms that everyone uses, so it’s only right to think about its design carefully. So, if 2022 will be the year you’ll finally renovate or build your home, here are the top bathroom trends you can try and should not miss out on: 

1. Put Plenty of Plants in Your Bathroom

Putting plants in different areas in the home is already a trend this year. But, it will continue to soar high in 2022. Since most people have spent their time at home since the beginning of the pandemic, they’ve found peace and calmness with plants. Plants have helped many people reduce their stress and anxiety while staying indoors. So, you can definitely put a lot of it in your bathroom. 

If you style your bathroom with a range of natural elements, like houseplants and pampas grass, you can create a calming spa-like sanctuary. Also, there’s a higher chance that the air quality within your home will improve since plants have the ability to do just that. 

2. Establish Spa-Like Features

According to an expert designer, expect a trend in spa-like features in bathrooms in 2022. This is because speciality features that create a spa-like retreat have become a priority for most homebuyers. So, if you’re about to renovate or build your bathroom, consider adding spa-like features to stay on-trend. 

You can achieve spa-like features by installing luxury finishes, like tiled shower pans using detailed mosaic tile, euro style shower doors, stylish hardware and beautiful low maintenance granite or quartz solid surface countertops. 

3. Add Eye-Catching Benches and Stools

Another hit you should not miss out on in 2022 are benches and stools. Add eye-catching ones in your bathroom and consider combining them with something soft and textured. It’s an excellent bathroom accessory that will stand out. Pair your benches and makeup vanity stools with decorative bathroom accessories and trays to put your skincare essentials and favourite care items in one place.

4. Try Incorporating Scenic Murals

2022 will be over with the subtle, plain, all-white wall bathroom designs. It’s the year to go busy and bold on walls using scenic murals. Scenic murals will be perfect statement walls. What 2022 can do is that statement walls will no longer be there just to wow your guests. They’re there to create spa-like sanctuaries as well. If you try to incorporate scenic murals in your bathroom, you’ll get to experience an enjoyable and relaxing bathroom every day. 


If you want your bathroom to be trendy in 2022, you should definitely not miss out on the bathroom trends we’ve mentioned. These trends will not just make your bathroom look sleek and luxurious, but they will also bring you complete relaxation. Also, you will get to enjoy a sanctuary that you can use to enjoy time for yourself. 

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