3 Tips to Properly Care For Your Granite Countertops


While many people dream of using granite as part of their kitchen design, many fear using it, believing it is tough to maintain such a material. Fortunately, granite is a lot stronger and more impervious than some might realise. Granite is incredibly resilient to abrasions, heat, chips, scratches, and the like, thanks to its hardness. This means that maintenance is relatively minimal when working with natural stone. In fact, caring for granite is quite easy! A simple mix of warm water and dishwashing liquid along with some soft clean cloth is all you need to maintain the countertop generally.

That said, there is still some basic knowledge you need to have to ensure you are maintaining the granite surfaces as best as you can without putting them at risk of damage. To ensure you know how to maintain your granite surface, we’re going to share with you some care tips:

1. Address Spills and Stains Quickly

Granite is great at resisting things like alcohol, wine, and other acidic food items, and it is also next to impossible to scratch. However, we wouldn’t want you to one day see a stain on the granite that’s hard to get rid of because you let a liquid sit there for too long. This is especially true when dealing with oil, as granite is quite prone to oil stains. Such stains can happen when pans and pots with oil traces below them are placed on the granite surface. 

As such, if you notice any spills on the granite surface, wipe it away immediately. If there are stains left, remove them using a poultice with baking soda and water to absorb the stain.

2. Don’t Stand on the Countertop

Just because granite is strong doesn’t mean it is impervious to breaking. In fact, any sudden forces on granite can cause it to chip, crack, and even completely break. For that reason, when you are trying to reach a high shelf or cupboard and are tempted to stand on the granite countertop to do so, remind yourself to avoid this. You can end up breaking the granite surface, which is a costly and time-consuming problem to fix.

3. Avoid Placing Hot Objects on the Surface

Granite can withstand heat, but this doesn’t mean it will come out unscathed. More often than not, when exposed to high heat, granite will change colour. For that reason, whenever you’re handling any item that’s hot, like a baking pan out of the oven or a pan out of the stove, always place it on a protective material. A trivet and mat on the countertop are always useful, and you can use this as a barrier to keep heat away from touching the granite’s surface directly.


There are many care tips you can follow to keep your granite surfaces in good condition, such as avoiding using acidic cleaning products or avoiding using any abrasive objects. While all of these efforts may seem unnecessary given how strong granite is, they’ll help lengthen the lifespan of your granite surfaces significantly. Whether it be your countertops or even floors, ensuring that the granite surface is cared for properly will help it stay in good condition throughout the years and stay aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it’ll help you avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements, keeping you out and away from any surprise financial costs.

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